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The real estate complex is essentially constituted from (planimetric scheme in the site):

A) Principal Building of two floors, with general surface about sq.m. 450, composed by 4 vain housing more 2 great wine cellars to the plain earth and from 9 vain housing in the first floor. In adherence to the  building, is a private chapel with surface about sq.m. 50

B) Other building of two floors of the general gross surface of around sq.m. 390 anciently used partly to use oil crusher, and partly to stores and rural school, but turned more recently to rural residence and stores

C) Other two buildings whit only one floor , with the general surface about sq.m. 150

D) possibility of 3 hectares of agricultural ground

Total Real estate Complex Surface about sq.m. 1040

N.B. It is also possible the only sale of the built of to the point A)